Coastal Bassmasters

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Up Coming Events:

Potholes bass tournament starts Saturday September 7th at 6:30am and weigh in is at the boat ramp next to the O'sullivan Dam. Saturdays dinner will be at the grill at 6:00pm. Sundays start at 6:30am and weigh in at 1:00pm

Club News:                                                                                                  We have our next years schedule for 2020

     Lake Tapps   April 25-26

     Moses Lake   June 6-7

     Lake Roosevelt  June 20-21

     Lake Cushman  July 18-19 

     Umatilla  August 22-23                                                                                                                Lake Goodwin  September 19-20

     Riffe Lake  October 3-4



We have a couple of By Law changes that need some clean up for clarity. One will be Under Section 9 Scoring (c). Change to only 5 fish can be weighed in, 12 inch or greater, unless state law sets a different limit. A 2 pound penalty will be added, if 6 or more fish are in your livewell.

Section 10 Awards (c). Change to In the event of a tie; the fishermen with the most total weight at the end of the year will be the winner of Angler of the year.

Please have any comments ready as we will be voting on the changes next meeting.