Coastal Bassmasters

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                                                      In The Winners Circle.

In the Winners Circle will dwell into some of the success of the winning angler. How they prepared, what they where looking for and what they did to pull out a victory. The format will be in the form of an interview. I will not ask the question - exactly where on the lake was the angler fishing, as this defeats the purpose of learning to be a better angler. This will be a six part series as we will have six tournaments in half a year.

Lets welcome our October tournament winner Tyson Gray. Tyson is a Coastal Bassmaster Angler and this is his first 1st place win in the club and it came at Riffe Lake. I got the chance to interview him and here is what follows.

CB: Since your boat was broke down, you were fishing in the back seat of Lees boat. Who's fishing spot was it?  

Tyson: We fished mainly Lee's spots, and that spot is where I caught the limit on. It was Lee's choice.


CB: How many bass did you catch off  of Lee's spot? 

Tyson: "I caught five keepers and Lee lost a bunch. They were stacked up."

CB: What depth were you finding Bass at?

Tyson: " In 20 feet of water." 


CB: What technique where you using?

Tyson: " I was using the dropshot  to target them."

CB: Saturday was cold, wet, and windy, and Sunday was warmer, dry, and no wind. What was the fishing differences between Saturday and Sunday?

Tyson: " I found bigger fish on Sunday then on Saturday." 

Tyson congratulations on winning your first Bass tournament on Riffe Lake , and  thank you for taking the time to share with us!